You can change the world. You can put a smile on somebody’s face. You can be the spark that lights the fire. You can inspire others. Urban Light is not built by one person, it is built by many teams. Come join our teams and enjoy working with others and building the congregation. As Bill Hybels said: The Local church is the hope of the world!

These people welcome others when they enter the church.

The kitchen teams  provide us with light snacks and see to it that we have enough coffee, tea and juice.

Urban Sound
Urban sound is our one big worship team for Urban Light. See separate introduction.

Sound Mixing
The mixing engineer is in charge of the first-rate sound at Urban Light.

Media and Lighting
In the right hands the stage  and performance tech provide an excellent atmosphere to our evening. Our lighting men and women,screen technicians and other whizzes create an impressive set for Urban Light.

English translation
Urban Light is translated from Finnish to English. The translation team makes sure that exchange students and other English speakers also get to be involved during the service.

The bookstore has an abundance of good books.Reading is always a good idea.The store is open before and after Urban Light.

Be involved. Working in teams is possible for everyone who wants to contribute to Urban Light.For some of the teams we expect a certain skill set.The main principle is that everyone will serve about once a month. If you cannot serve when it is your turn, you will be expected to find a replacement for that time.