Urban Light is not based on the efforts of one person but on multiple,different teams and the efforts of the people who serve in those teams. Everyone who wants to contribute, is welcomed to serve. For some of the teams we expect a certain skill set. The main principle is that everyone will serve about once a month. Be involved and enjoy meeting new people, working together as a team in service of God and building the church!


Welcome people at the door and especially welcome new attendees to the church.

Are you feeling creative? Is social media a part of your every day life and do you have vision about graphic design? We are in charge of social media, posters, photography and visual style.

Music/ Urban Sound
God has given many of us musical gifts with which we can serve the congregation by leading people to worship. If your heart longs to praise God and you have the basic skill set for playing an instrument or singing, please join us!

Sound Mixing
The mixing engineer is in charge of the first-rate sound during the sermons, music and video.

Media and Lighting
In the right hands the stage  and performance tech provide an excellent atmosphere to our evening. Our screen technicians, lighting crew, and other whizzes create an impressive set to the evening.

Do you enjoy working behind the camera? This team streams the evening for the people watching online and also records it for later viewing.

English interpretation
We provide interpretation from Finnish to English. The translation team makes sure that English speakers also get to be involved during the service.

Bookstore (not available at Gradia)
This team chats with people amidst books and provides them with the material that meets their needs.

You make sure that the evenings run smoothly by taking care of the safety precautions and  creating a welcoming atmosphere with your presence during the evening.

If you want to be involved in a team, fill out and send the form down below and we will contact you. If you are interested in serving in some other capacity than the teams mentioned here, please write down your thoughts on the form under “More information”.

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